Tumminello Biscotti

History Through A Biscuit

Tumminello Biscotti

Authentic Traditional Italian Biscotti Made With Indigenous Sicilian Ingredients

100% Sicilian

Tumminello Biscotti biscuits, are made in Sicily, using only Sicilian raw materials and sources.

Excellence Made In Sicily

Only the oldest Sicilian stone-ground grains, the secret of Modica chocolate processing at a very low temperature, and the return to the ingredients of the past... the Manna.

The Best Raw Materials

The raw materials that the land supplies is an essential factor for the conduct of a production processes that is linked to the tradition and culture of that place.

Our Tumminello Biscotti Range

Sicilian Specialties Range

Our Sicilian Specialties range is produced with love and quality, using the raw materials that the land supplies as it is essential and producing the best of quality biscuit. The production process and methods, are greatly linked to the tradition and culture of Sicily.

It is believed that the quality of the products is based on the use of raw materials that are exclusively produced in Sicily.

GraniSi Range

Our GraniSi range is of a choice of field for the health of consumers. The use of ancient Sicilian organic stone-milled grain free of herbicides and highly digestible thanks to a weak gluten bond which therefore allows these biscuits to be suitable for those who suffer from gluten sensitivity.

The ancient Sicilian grains milled in Castelcetrano stone meet Modica and its unmistakable cold-worked chocolate.

The fresh milk of Ragusta, the capital of the Sicilian Baroque, the oranges and lemons grown by their farmers, the fresh eggs from free-range hens in Mistretta, a small village in the Nebrodi Park, the extra virgin olive oil and with the 'indispensable sweetness' of Avola almonds and the authentic taste of Sicilian Pistachio.

Coming down to, Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie Park for the manna, the biblical nectar extracted from the bark of the ash trees.

Production Of Tumminello

The seriousness, and commitment to attention to customers wishes have helped with the teamwork. Offers to those who choose a healthy diet for their well-being, without neglecting good taste and palate satisfaction.

Production is carried out in a production laboratory of about 150 square meters with an adjoining sales room owned by the companyu. Inside there are 3 different production lines.

In order to be able to offer products that respect the authentic flavour of the past, the biscuits are made with careful and accurate manual skills.