Unique Wines Made With Grapes Indigenous to Sicily

Sicilian Wine

Intense & Extraordinary Wines, Made With Indigenous Sicilian Grapes

Wines made from unique grape varieties, native to Sicily, Italy

Cantine Russo and Cantine Madaudo wines are made with grapes grown in the volcanic soils of Sicily.

Over 60 years of wine making, with focus on quality, taste and flavour

Cantine Madaudo have cultivated the perfect process for bottling & enhancing each grape variety

'Luce di Lava' or Light of Lava, celebrates two centuries of winemaking

Cantine Russo has over two centuries of winemaking tradition, beginning in the area of Solicchiata.

Cantine Russo

Cantine Russo wines are a combination of tradition and modernization. Whilst being located right at the foot of the largest active volcano in Europe, on the northeast side of Etna. Which means that the clayey soil that is present gets mixed up with volcanic soil and thus becomes more favourable for viticulture.

The varieties of the grapes produced are the type to get cultivated which are Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio - Carricante and Cataratto.

Cantine Madaudo

Cantine Madaudo has been extracting the maximum quality from the fertile lands of Sicily for 70 years, which enhances the great perculiarities of the vineyards, which then interprets different cdharacteristics and showing them through different production techniques, from steel to wood, from sparkling wine in autoclave to refermentation in the bottle.