Riserva del Mare

4 Peppers Fleur De Sel 120g

SKU: SLT-RMPFS120G ISBN: 8056093970333

Expertly mixed with 4 different types of pepper, black, white, pink and green, the 4 peppercorn Fleur De Sel is a tasty mix with an intense aroma.

Pepper is a plant rich in diuretic and purifying properties, thanks to the piperine, the alkaloid contained in it, it promotes digestion and stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Pepper with its characteristics has always enhanced the flavour of foods and its strong aromatic, fresh and herbaceous taste is perfect for Mediterranean dishes, such as meat, fish, legumes.

Recommended on red and white meats, fish and legumes, it will enhance the flavour of your ingredients, giving the typical freshness of Mediterranean dishes.ps