Riserva del Mare

Artisan Integral Coarse Salt Grinds 1kg

SKU: SLT-RMCSL1KG ISBN: 8056093970012
The VERO Riserva del Mare coarsely ground salt is ideal for first courses, preparation of brine, crusted fish and for salting meat steaks.

The whole coarse salt has a variable granulometry of about 4 mm and is made up of crystals collected by hand inside the salting tank. In biological medicine, whole sea salt is considered a food adjuvant because it contains 70 trace elements present in sea water. In addition to sodium and chlorine there is also magnesium and potassium as well as sulphates, calcium and iron.

Equally important for our health but present only in traces, you can find other minerals such as strontium, manganese, iodine, zinc, fluorides, silver, boron, silicon and copper (to name a few).

Integral coarse salt does not undergo any type of industrial processing, it is harvested by hand and air dried, absolutely free of anti-caking agents, however being hygroscopic, it has a tendency to absorb the humidity present in the air. Riserva del Mare integral salt has a unique and intense taste, is easily absorbed by the body, favors the alkaline PH and detoxifies. Thanks to its salting power, the required quantity is considerably lower than other industrial salts, considerably limiting the onset of certain pathologies such as: hypertension, arterial plaques, concentration problems, memory loss and acidosis.