Riserva del Mare

Artisan Integral Fine Salt 1kg

SKU: SLT-RMFSL1KG ISBN: 8056093970005
VERO finely ground salt is recommended for salting pasta water and also for dressing salads, first and second courses.

SALT VERO is an integral sea salt, produced by our Trapani salt pans, it crystals with a particle size of about 2 mm and is obtained by grinding salt on salt in stainless steel presses, to maintain the natural balance of trace elements essential for a correct diet. In addition to sodium chloride, our salt contains a set of minerals that our body needs.

Riserva del Mare whole salt has a unique and intense taste, it is easily absorbed by the body, favours the alkaline PH and detoxifies. Thanks to its salting power, the required quantity is considerably lower than other industrial salts, considerably limiting the onset of certain pathologies such as: hypertension, arterial plaques, concentration problems, memory loss and acidosis.

This is a gourmet integral salt, therefore it is also used by important chefs, pizza makers and bakers who select quality ingredients and raw materials for their preparations. One of the characteristics that distinguishes integral salt is its humidity given by magnesium.