Do Pasta Shapes Really Matter?

Do Pasta Shapes Really Matter?

Feb 11, 2021Frank Ferrara

Do Pasta Shapes Really Matter?

Pasta is one of the most popular Italian dishes - and Italians know how to do food the right way!

All Australians know that picking the right combination of food can elevate it from being just a good dish to an unforgettable one. With so many different types of pasta, it can be difficult to know what the best combination can be, especially with their different history, shape, and purpose.

Supermarkets and restaurants offer pasta in many shapes and forms, and sometimes we have the dilemma of having too many choices. With 50 distinctive types of pasta and more if you also include the size variations - it’s no wonder that we would have difficulty in deciding what pasta completes the dish. So here is a short comprehensive list of the types of pasta and what to use it with for your date night at home!

Let’s start it off with a much loved classic - spaghetti. It is the go-to food when we want comfort and is known for being paired up with tomato sauces. However, did you know that it can also be eaten with no sauces in a minimalist dish called Cacio a Pepe?

Farfalle Rigate
Similar to the usual Farfalle, it has the signature bow-tie shape but, it also has ridges included to dispense the sauces more evenly. It is popularly served with creamy sauces, cold pasta salads, and seafood - like smoked salmon.

Penne Rigate
The name is derived from Latin penne, meaning “feather” or ‘quill” where its structure follows through too. Penne Rigate is optimized for retaining thicker sauces, both inside and out. The ridges help the sauces cling to the pasta in the perfect golden ratio. It is usually ideal to be used with thicker sauces including meat and baked pasta dishes.

Famous for being similar to spaghetti, however, its flattened shape creates a more luxurious presentation when served. The shape provides a flawless support for lighter cream-based and white wine sauces, which is excellent when mixed with seafood such as clams and prawns.

Fusilli is widely known for its corkscrew pasta shape. It is a shortcut and spiraled pasta that captures sauce and meat in its elegant twists and turns. Ideal for pairing with rich meat, ricotta-based sauces, or in pasta salads.

Our traditional Sicilian pasta range is made up of wheat and water from Mt Etna Springs, so you can be at ease knowing that our products are at the epitome of quality in terms of flavor, texture, and ingredients.

Whether you’re thinking of adopting a healthier diet or just curious about the different kinds of pasta, our range of pasta and sauces will provide you food that will be sure to satisfy you!

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