Italy's Volcanic Soils: Flavours That Erupt

Italy's Volcanic Soils: Flavours That Erupt

Oct 12, 2023Cornick Marketing

Mangia Bene, Vive Meglio: Eat Well, Live Better

Italy’s volcanic soils have been a secret ingredient in the rich natural produce of the country for thousands of years. A prime example of this is the olives and grapes indigenous to Sicily that have been cultivated from the most fertile soils that increase flavours and quality. 🌋 


Nutrient Rich Olive Oils

Desantis celebrates this heritage with their range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With selections of different olives such as Coratina and Cima di Mola, their extra virgin oils boast distinguished tastes and aromas with no added chemicals to ensure the purity of the product. 🇮🇹

Tenute Caracci's olive oil hails from the Nocellara del Belice cultivar in Western Sicily. The Italian D.O.P. standard signifies its excellence, and the cold production process that preserves the intense fruity, herbaceous flavours birthed from volcanic soils. 🏔


Traditional Wines

Cantine Maduado has nurtured the volcanic soil of Sicily for over 60 years in order to create their unique wines. Their famous ‘Nedro D’Avola’ grape delivered deep red hues and hints of aromatic herbs rooted deep in the fertile earth of Sicily. 🍷🍇

Cantine Russo showcases the magic of volcanic landscapes from the north-east side of Mt. Etna where with red and white wines like their “Luce di Lava.’ Their range of full-bodied fruity flavours in their reds as well as the tropical notes offered by the white range accentuates distinct mineral rich nuances of the area. 🍷🍇

The Gift of Volcanic Soils

The precious gift of Sicily’s volcanic landscapes provide a symphony of flavours that transcend ordinary dining experiences. From the nutrient rich olive oils of Desantis and Tenute Caracci to the decadent wines crafted by Cantine Maduado and Cantine Russo🌋

The unique properties of Italy’s volcanic soils have produced the highest quality produce in the world by account of its rich mineral content with excellent drainage and aeration. Across centuries of tradition, the flavours of Italy have become entwined with history through food. 

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