The Benefits Of Volcanic Soils

The Benefits Of Volcanic Soils

Feb 04, 2021Frank Ferrara

Why Volcanic Soils?

Contrary to popular belief, volcanic soils are not always easy to cultivate. The terrain is challenging and the nutrients of the rocky, mineral-dense soil are difficult to access for plants’ root systems. Surviving and growing is a stressful experience.

It is this development under stress that may explain why the Mediterranean diet is famously linked to healthy living and a longer lifespan. Plants that are grown in volcanic soils are high in polyphenols, unique molecules produced by plants under stress. When animals or humans consume plants rich in these molecules, their stress-defense pathways are activated. This fortifies the body to protect against the stresses that lead to aging & disease.

This principle, that environmentally stressed plants produce molecules that confer stress resistance and survival benefits to animals that consume them, is known as xenohormesis.

By choosing our produce grown in the volcanic soils of Southern Italy, you are consuming foods rich in plant polyphenols. They are the secret to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and fantastic quality food, found nowhere else in the world. We have sourced the very best of these foods and beverages to bring these benefits and enjoyment to you.

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