Italian Mineral Water

When only the best will do, choose pure, fresh Italian mineral water sourced from the Sicilian Apennines. Drink in the good life with the sparkling and still mineral waters available from Ferrara Italian.

Buy our Italian mineral water now and enjoy a drink that’s been collected from some of the most natural, mineral-rich streams in the world. Rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and other trace minerals, the water we provide is pure, clean, and bottled without undergoing any artificial treatment.

At Ferrara Italian, we can guarantee the quality of each sip because we are personally connected to the producers, the land, and the cascades of water that go into every bottle. We directly import Sicily Acqua Minerale to sell across Australia. To complement this, we also supply a locally distributed range of Italian mineral water that has been sourced from the freshest springs across Italy.

Still and Sparkling Italian Mineral Water

From the crisp freshness of Italian sparkling water to the refined experience of still, mineral-rich water, Ferrara Italian supplies only the best for you. Shop online with Ferrara Italian for the very best authentic Italian food and beverages.


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Gassata Sparkling Mineral Water
Gassata Sparkling Mineral Water 750mL x 12
-14% ON SALE
Naturale Still Mineral Water
Naturale Still Mineral Water 750mL x 12
-14% ON SALE